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Level 4-4R100/E40D - Transmission comes with deep pan, highly modified valve body and modified pump. Clutch packs are highly modified for increased durability. Torque converter is triple disc with billet cover and steel stator. with added 300M intermediate and output shafts. Forward drum and overdrive planetary are made of billet steel and are cryogenically treated for…
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L2- 4R100/E4OD

LEVEL 2- 4R100/E4OD Transmission comes with deep pan, modified clutch packs, modified pump and modified valve body. Gives firmer, quicker shifts. Good option for heavier towing and some increase in horsepower. Also come with a 2 year/100,000 mile warranty. Please specify year of truck when ordering. Freight charges will be determined after order is processed.…
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